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Herzegovinian Cuisine - Flavours from the Land of Stone

Once lost in the unique scenery of Herzegovina, touched by mystical beauty of Karst and moon landscapes, there is something you will certainly remember and that’s the unique gastronomic offer from this region. Herzegovina is a part of a small country but with much diversity. Its cuisine, not even fully discovered, can please even demands of the most refined gastronomic experts. A rich cuisine in this country is as a result of a century-long diversities and a mixture of different religious, economical and political influences. The food in Herzegovina has always been prepared slowly. It’s the same when having a meal, taking time and enjoying it in a good company. Meals are plentiful. Dishes with smoked meat, cheese, kajmak (cream cheese), homemade bread and sweet bread are in a special way a treat for guests.

Simplicity of preparation but also a spicy flavour is a characteristic of Herzegovinian cuisine. Once it was hard to imagine farmer’s meal without smoked meat, goat’s or cow’s cheese made in a bellows. Nowadays that dish has become a popular starter course. The fame of Herzegovinian “pršut” (smoked ham) with its unique taste has long since spread beyond the borders of Herzegovina. Homemade cheese made in a special way, in goat’s skin, is a praised and expensive delicatessen today.

Those who like Herzegovinian traditional food will find many reasons why Herzegovinian “pršut” tastes so special or the cheese from bellows is so unique. It is said that special skills are required to make Herzegovinian “pršut”. To have “pršut’ made traditionally it is necessary to have the right location for the “smoking shed”, exposure to the cold winter wind, the right choice of firewood and proper storage. Meals, once parts of everyday nourishment in Herzegovina, nowadays served in simple wooden dishes symbolize the old way of living. You will also find frogs’ legs or eel, prepared probably in the same way as the Greek and Romans used to do.

Warm Herzegovinian landscape treasures in its fields, a true small pharmacy. The scent of wormwood, heather and St. John’s wort is spread all over the fields. In addition these fields are also perfect for beekeeping and making honey. Herzegovinian herbalists have earned a worldwide reputation plus Herzegovina is internationally known for its dry figs, pomegranate, carob and almonds.