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Other facilities

On 5 ha you can find various content that will bring you closer to the way of life of our ancestors

In the complex Ethno village Herceg you can visit a beautiful chapel, an old house with a collection of antiques, souvenir shops, a bocce court and the most interesting part of the complex for children, stables with domestic animals.

Olives, vines, small lakes and streams that pass through the village and even the restaurant, are an idyllic image of nature and a return to a somewhat forgotten time and space.

Autochthonous souvenirs made of stone, wood and metal are sold in the shops. For the youngest there is a small children’s playground, but also stables with domestic animals.




Bocce court



The chapel that dominates the village, a place created for refreshment

The chapel is the place from which to start and to which to return. As it has always been a meeting place for people, so this votive chapel is a place visited with joy. The chapel is a return to the spiritual, it is the preservation of tradition, the cultivation of culture and literacy, the beauty of the ambience and the idyll of the rich soul of us and our children.

It is worth not only mentioning, but also investing and sacrificing. Both then and still today, the chapel is the centre of life, a gathering place around which locals once gathered to celebrate a successfully completed sowing, harvest or betrothal, or gathered around to see off a former neighbour.

Old house

Authentic objects and tools, specific to the Herzegovinian region

Inside the village, there is a stone house that is designed as a museum. In that stone house, everything is set up as it was more than a hundred years ago. This house, just like the whole village, is a witness to old times.

Inside and around the house are many authentic objects and tools, specific to the Herzegovinian region in those old, forgotten times. Furniture, utensils, various tools, means of transport, decorations, testify to the way of life of local families.


An offer of authentic souvenirs

In the centre of the village there are about 10 houses that represent the commercial part of the Ethno Village Herceg, where you can find numerous souvenir shops, art galleries, aromatic herb shops, as well as shops with handmade costumes and jewellery.

Primo souvenirs

The “PRIMO SOUVENIRS” facility is equipped with souvenirs of Medjugorje and the Shrine of the Queen of Peace.

contact: Marinko Primorac
tel. +387 (0)36 651-036


Equipped as a gallery of paintings by various authors and motifs of the Herzegovinian region, with the addition of designer jewellery as well as handmade roseries etc.

contact: Jelena Nakić
tel. +387 (0)36 650-372


Sales of products by the Croatian brand Bioaromatica.

contact: Dražana Penava
gsm. +387 (0)63 408-099


A shop with exclusively handmade clothing and decorative items (knitted, crocheted, sewn, etc.).

contact: Slađana Soldo
gsm. +387 (0)63 290-107
e-mail: sladja.soldo@gmail.com


Sale of handmade decorative wooden items (chairs, tables, spoons, decorative dishes, etc).

contact: Ante Međugorac
gsm. +387 (0)63 321-216

Franka Šunjić

A shop where you can buy small details of handmade elements of folk costumes, and complete folk costumes can be made to order.

contact: Franka Šunjić
tel. +387 (0)39 832-096

Mill and beekeeping Krešić

An authentic water-powered mill of the Krešić family, with a century-old tradition, where you can buy various types of flour and other products on the spot.

contact: Marin Krešić
gsm. +387 (0)63 723-571

Souvenir shop kAmen

As the name suggests, the production and sale of various souvenirs made of Herzegovinian stone, and we especially emphasize the miniatures of old Herzegovinian houses.

contact: Dražen Herceg
gsm. +387 (0)63 325-993

Souvenir shop - forge

A real opportunity for our visitors to have an original souvenir made of iron.

contact: Lovre Madunović
gsm. +387 (0)63 879-645

Bocce court

Modern and built according to European standards

​A modern bocce court built according to European standards where competitions and international tournaments can be held.

For guests who stay with us and who want to be active, we offer this opportunity as part of a “team-building” activity.

For potential organizers of competitions or tournaments, we also offer the possibility of a special arrangement.


Attraction for the youngest

​Since domestic animals have become a rarity in the Herzegovina region, where today the youngest generations are barely familiar with a cow, a donkey, a sheep or a goat, we tried to gather our domestic animals in one place.

Among them the donkeys are the most popular, and there is also a pony. This is an irresistible attraction for the little ones. They can touch the animals and even feed some of them, under adult supervision, of course.

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