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Restaurant Herceg

Something for everyone’s taste

Herceg is divided into 6 different parts which make up a unique whole, unseen in this region so far. One of them is the Restaurant Herceg.

The restaurant, with its interesting, authentic interior, and a spacious outdoor terrace, is a central gathering place not only for its guests but also for all those attracted by the rich and indigenous enogastronomic offer.

With a total of 300 seats inside the restaurant spread over several floors, as well as additional 300 seats on the outdoor terraces, it exudes warmth and a homely atmosphere. The stream that murmurs through the entire restaurant gives it a special charm.

The combination of stone walls decorated with photographs of Herzegovinian motifs and furniture made from solid oak, as well as all the other details, make you feel at home here and keep you coming back.

Food menu

Something for everyone’s taste

Wine list

Good selection of fine local wines

Ethno Village HERCEG offer

With its content, appearance and quality, the Herceg Restaurant stands out from other tourist offers in this area.

An unusual combination of local specialties complemented by modern and original Italian specialties, in short – something for everyone’s taste, even the pickiest.

The restaurant is located in the centre of the village, where you can enjoy the unique offer of food and wine, including the famous sorts Blatina and Žilavka. Above the stream, which flows from the first of the three lakes in the village through this centre of gastronomic delights, there is a gallery, and a large outdoor terrace next to it.

There are a total of 600 seats in the gallery and in the centre of the restaurant, intended for guests who decide to take a break, have a business lunch or an intimate dinner for two.
One of the must-see items from the menu of the Herceg Restaurant is the dessert called ”Medna rosa”, which represents Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Wide selection of top-quality local wines

The Restaurant Herceg offers a rich selection of top-quality wines from autochthonous Herzegovinian varieties

Gourmets know best how the combination of top-quality delicious wines complements the taste of top gastronomic specialties. In addition to superbly prepared dishes, the restaurant of the Ethno Village Herceg also offers a rich selection of top-quality local wines from the autochthonous varieties Žilavka and Blatina.

The rich aromas of Žilavka and Blatina pair well with the taste of delicious specialties prepared from local ingredients. The entire experience is completed by the unique surroundings of the Herceg Restaurant.

Herzegovina wines

Autochthonous varieties of Herzegovina

Thanks to the heat of the sun under which the vines ripen, Herzegovinian Žilavka and Blatina are among the highest quality wines in the world.

Herzegovina has nurtured viticulture and wine culture since the Illyrian era. The first vine seedlings were brought to the Balkans by the Thracians, and all the archaeological excavations in Herzegovina are marked by grapes and cups. Herzegovina is an area under the direct influence of the Adriatic Sea. It enjoys an extremely large number of sunny days. The Herzegovinian centre of Mostar has 2290 hours of sunshine a year, while southern Herzegovina is even sunnier, and is among the warmest parts of Europe.

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