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Gospodarska zona, Tromeđa

88266 Međugorje, B&H

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The Ethno Village HERCEG is located in the heart of Herzegovina, near the world-famous Marian shrine of Medjugorje.

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Gospodarska zona
Tromeđa b.b.
88269 Međugorje
Bosnia i Herzegovina

How to find us?

The easiest way to find us

The village raised and created from stone, only a few kilometres away from the famous shrine of Medjugorje, between Čitluk, Međugorje and Ljubuški, is rightly called a miracle of Hercegovina.

If travelling from Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik -> Neum -> Opuzen -> Metković -> border crossing Doljani -> Čapljina -> Međugorje

From Međugorje go towards Tromeđa and turn left towards Ljubuški, after 1.5 km turn left at the the signpost reading “Herceg” Ethno Village, after 300m you are at your destination.

If travelling from Split:

Split -> motorway A1 (Dugopolje entry, exit Međugorje) -> Međugorje

Follow the directions towards the ”Herceg” Ethno Village Međugorje, and after about 10km, in the economic zone on the way to Ljubuški, turn left at the signpost ”Herceg” Ethno Village, and after 300m you are at your destination.

If travelling from Sarajevo/Mostar:

Sarajevo -> Jablanica -> Mostar -> Čitluk

From Čitluk go towards Ljubuški, 1,5km after the Tromeđa crossroad, in the economic zone, turn left at the signpost ”Herceg” Ethno Village and you are at your destination.