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Wine list

Top-quality wines of controlled origin produced from Herzegovinian autochthonous varieties Žilavka and Blatina

Herzegovina has nurtured viticulture and wine culture since the Illyrian era. The first vine seedlings were brought to the Balkans by the Thracians. All the archaeological excavations in Herzegovina are marked by grapes and cups.

Thanks to the heat of the sun under which the vines ripen, Herzegovinian Žilavka and Blatina are among the highest quality wines in the world.

Herzegovina is an area under the direct influence of the Adriatic Sea. It enjoys an extremely large number of sunny days. The Herzegovinian centre of Mostar has 2290 hours of sunshine a year, while southern Herzegovina is even sunnier, and is among the warmest parts of Europe.

Our wines

It is our pleasure to offer our best wines

Žilavka Exclusive


Žilavka Exclusive was created by selectively picking grapes grown on the slightly undulating hills of the Dubrava vineyard and a slightly later harvest. By a special technological process, we created a wine of a crystal green-yellow colour, with fresh intense aromas of ripe citrus fruit, white currants, ripe quinces, acacia, apple blossom with a light touch of spices.

Blatina Exclusive


Blatina Exclusive was created by late selective harvesting of grapes grown in selected positions on the Dubravska plateau. The wine is a crystal ruby red with purple admixtures. A lush, modern, complex wine with aromas of cherries, plums, dried berries, dried spices, vanilla and dark chocolate, with fine polished tannins of a recognizable seductive personality.

Žilavka Zlatna Dolina


Žilavka Zlatna Dolina is a wine characterized by its crystal green-yellow colour, consistency, elegance. In the intensely refined aromatic complex, recognisable are the aromas of roses, white flowers, pineapples, mandarins, as well as the light permeation of aromas of aromatic herbs. Finally, we can conclude that Žilavaka Zlatna Dolina is a fine harmonious mineral wine with pleasant acids and elegant notes characteristic of this variety and the climate from which it originates.

Blatina Zlatna Dolina


Blatina Zlatna Dolina is a wine characterized by its crystal-ruby red colour, fullness of taste, and very expressive aromas of dark ripe cherries, berries permeated with light aromas of tobacco, vanilla and chocolate. Blackberry and silk tannins with pleasant acids give this wine complexity and elegance. The special feature of this wine is that by aging it for several months in barrique barrels made of Slavonian oak, it gains in quality. If stored under controlled conditions, it can be stored for many years.

Žilavka Charisma


Top quality dry white wine of controlled origin produced from the Herzegovinian autochthonous variety Žilavka, grown on red soil at an altitude of 150 m on the Dubravska plateau. Charisma Žilavka is a wine characterized by its crystal green-yellow colour, fullness of taste, drinkability, intense, clear and pure aromas, such as white peach, citrus, quince and rosemary. This wine stands out for its harmonious balance of fruit, acidity and rusticity.

Blatina Charisma


Top quality dry red wine of controlled origin produced from the Herzegovinian autochthonous variety Blatina. Charisma Blatina is a wine characterized by its crystal-ruby red colour, full taste, expressive aromas of pomegranate, cherry, red currant, mint, green tea. The tannins are ripe and soft, and the acids harmonious, which is why it can be described as provocative. This gives it a special magic from which its elegance derives.

Other top-quality wines

In addition to our wines, we also offer many other top-quality wines from local winemakers

White wine

Top-quality white wine

  • Žilavka Begić 0,75
  • Žilavka 0,75 Hercegovina Vino
  • Krš Bijeli Škegro 0,75
  • Žilavka Brkić 0,75
  • Žilavka Buntić 0,75
  • Žilavka Ostojić 0,75
  • Žilavka Sivrić 0,75
  • Žilavka AG 0,75
  • Žilavka Andrija 0,75
  • Žilavka Odak 0,75
  • Žilavka Stankela 0,75
  • Žilavka Stojić 0,75
  • Žilavka Rozić 0,75
  • Žilavka Nuić 0,75
  • Žilavka Zadro 0,75
  • Kameno Vino 0,75
  • Žilavka Carska 0,75
  • Žilavka Prskalo 0,75
  • Žilavka Rebac 0,75
  • Žilavka Dujmović 0,75
  • Žilavka Carska Barique 0,75
  • Žilavka Dida 0,75
  • Žilavka HEVI 0,75

Red wine

Top-quality red wine

  • Blatina Begić 0,75
  • Blatina Hercegovina Vino 0,75
  • Krš Crni Škegro 0,75
  • Blatina Brkić 0,75
  • Blatina Carska 0,75
  • Blatina Carska Barique 0,75
  • Cabarnet Barique
  • Blatina Barique 2007 0,75
  • Blatina Andrija 0,75
  • Blatina Nuić 0,75
  • Blatina Ostojić 0,75
  • Blatina Stojić 0,75
  • Blatina Rozić 0,75
  • Blatina Buntić 0,75
  • Blatina Odak 0,75
  • Blatina Stankela 0,75
  • Blatina Zadro 0,75
  • Blatina Prskalo 0,75
  • Blatina Rebac 0,75
  • Blatina Sivrić 0,75
  • Blatina Dujmović 0,75

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