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About the Ethno Village Herceg

Find out more about the history and development of the Ethno Village Herceg

The Ethno Village Herceg was founded in 2008, but the maturing process of the idea of its creation was long and gradual. Herceg testifies to a time imprisoned in the rockery of Herzegovina, embodying the way and culture of life on stingy stone.

The village, which grew out of and was created from stone, only a few kilometres away from the famous sanctuary of Medjugorje, on the border of Čitluk, Medjugorje and Ljubuški, can rightly be called a miracle of the Herzegovinian region.


Development of the Ethno Village Herceg through history

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Facilities of the Ethno Village Herceg

A Hotel – tourist complex with a rich and diverse offer

The Ethno Village Herceg Medjugorje is a hotel-tourist complex opened in late 2008. The complex is built on an area of more than 5 hectares and consists of over 50 stone buildings.

The complex has accommodation facilities in 70 modern rooms, a restaurant and additional facilities.

The centre of the complex is the Restaurant Herceg, a hamlet of 10 stone houses with hotel rooms, as well as 3 separate suites. Next to it is the shopping area with a dozen shops offering handicrafts, souvenirs and traditional products, such as homemade honey or freshly ground flour.

Restaurant Herceg

Something for everyone’s taste

Rooms and suites

Synonymous with a pleasant home atmosphere

Other facilities

There are many interesting things on 5 ha

Confirmed by market favor

Each new step in investment is a systematic path towards the same goal

The story of a tourist resort with an autochthonous ambience, accommodation of a high standard, but also services appropriate to today’s notion of true hospitality, gets new chapters. Today, this four-star hotel and tourist complex is out of category and without competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Other facilities

In addition to the listed facilities in the ethno village, you can also enjoy additional facilities

A congress hall was built for business purposes, and next to it is an impressive amphitheater for cultural events. In the second phase, the multifunctional hall Kraljica Katarina was built and finally in 2014, an outdoor pool of 1250 m2 was opened. Built according to the latest bio design technology with accompanying facilities such as an outdoor bar, outdoor fitness, etc.

Congress hall

Perfect place for seminars and presentations

Queen Katarina ceremonial hall

Stunning hall for larger ceremonies

Ethno Beach Herceg

Cool off during hot summer days

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